Medical Dictionary

A Medical dictionary is a lexicon for words used in medicine.

Many of the dictionaries have multiple versions, some targeted at health professionals and some for general use.

For example Stedman's Concise Medical Dictionary and Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary are better suited for general use and allied health. For medical students and doctors most would want the full text editions.One quick online reference is a dictionary search engine. The search engine allows one to enter a medical term into a dialogue box and initiate a search. There are also numerous online medical dictionaries to select from. Once a term is located, the response will be subdivided into several basic formats, including General usage, Medicine, Law, Business, and others.The use of a medical dictionary or Internet search engine is most helpful in learning the exact meaning of a medical term. However, if the basic concepts of word building are understood, many words are understandable to the student of medical terminology.

List of Major Online English Dictionaries:


KMLE Medical Dictionary



Merriam Webster's


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