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The author is a biomedical equipments service engineer and currently building a carrier in the internet medical information publishing.
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The author states clearly that he is not a medical professional (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist…) and all the medical information contained on the site " Biomedresearches" are linked to their respective authors if applicable, which can be viewed and found on the reference sites page of the web site.
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The private services section of Biomedresearches has been launched as a separate project from the main Biomedresearches site.

All the site pages and contents will be subject to regular review, correction (if applicable) and update, if any addition, removal or objection is present for any of the site contents, it should be raised to the chairman on the site email which will be studied carefully for the necessary action.

The author is stating that no warranty whatsoever is made clearly that any contents are absolutely 100% accurate. Biomedresearches is not engaged in rendering medical advice or professional medical services. Any medical or other decisions should be made in consultation with your qualified health care provider. Confirmation of accuracy should be obtained from the concerned authorities, channels and proper medical associations and organizations.

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Refrences used by Biomedresearches are listed on the resferences page of the web site

All the reference sources in the " Researches page { Endoscopy, Medical guidelines } " have been listed under the researches reference sites  on the reference sites page.


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