[Health care providers in Moroco]



Here we provide a guide to Health Care Providers in Morocco which is not yet completed as the list will be updated on regular basis to include more of health care providers in Morocco.
Web address is included with every Health Care Provider to allow the viewer to access the site by the designated link.
Please note that, having a web site is our compulsory criteria to enlist health care providers in our directory, this policy has been implemented to ensure the viewer free access to the required information from any given health care provider. By having a web site, the information seekers can view the profile, services, medication and costs provided as they can decide either to contact the provider or to choose another one, which meets their requirements and demands.
Complete up—to—date  population and accuracy can not be guaranteed and may differ from time to time. Some references may appear later invalid or directs the reader to another location. By using the links of the  third party sites, we take no responsibility of the content nor the accuracy. An effort has been made and will continue to maintain the information up-to-date.

" You may kindly refer Biomedresearches to any contacted organizations as your reference "


Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Hassan II Fes
Centre Hospitalier Mohammed VI Marrakech
Clinique la capitale Rabat - Maroc
Clinique Spécialisée le Littoral


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