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Manufacturer of autoclaves.



Manufacturer of Microbiology equipments for the cultivation of anaerobic, micro-aerophilic, and capnophilic bacteria.




METTLER TOLEDO specializes in the area of precision instruments in the labs.



Manufactures for histology, necropsy, pathology, necropsy, morgue, veterinary,


Manufacturer of IC and LCD steppers, microscopes and measuring instruments, optical materials and components, precision instruments and optical equipments and surveying instruments.



Offers automated blood chemistry analyzers



Manufacturers Of Biological Safety Cabinets, Clean Benches, Laminar Airflow Products, CO2 Incubators, Polypropylene Hoods and Casework.

Electronic scales and balances as well as mechanical balances for laboratory, educational and industrial use.




Manufacturer of diagnostic systems, medical systems and film cameras, photo printers, microscopes and imaging systems.



Oxford Worldwide provides pipettes for all applications and in liquid handling and labware needs.



Develops, manufactures and markets analytical instruments for chromatography, proteomics, molecular spectroscopy and other applications.


Manufacture of precision airflow control systems, variable air volume (VAV)

Manufacture of  Coulometric Moisture, Titration Systems, opacity, brightness, and reflectance meter.


Manufactures evaporative light scattering (ELSD) detectors for HPLC, HTS and GPC.



Manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves.





Products and services for life science research, molecular diagnostics, genomics, and gene therapy.




RADIOMETER works in the area of Blood Gas Analyzers/Blood Gas measuring instruments, fluids and software for these and other medical instruments





Diagnostic, reagent and equipment manufacturer of a wide range of clinical diagnostic products for laboratory medicine.



RETSCH is a company dedicated to providing  the sample preparation and characterization of solids used in R&D and QA applications.



Refrigerators, freezers, and cell culture incubators.



Manufactures of laboratory-precision Gas Flow Meters.




Health information, diagnostics , diabetes testing, clinical,chemistery and CBC.



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