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Medical organizations and Associations- [Dentistry Orthodontics Associations]


The following is a guide to Dentistry Orthodontics Associations which does not reflect 100% the complete list of global Dentistry Orthodontics Associations, and may differ from time to time. Some references may appear later invalid or directs the reader to another location. An effort has been made and will continue to maintain the information up-to-date.

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Academy of GP Orthodontics 
Academy dedicated to serve the continuing education needs of general dentists in orthodontic practice.


American Association of Orthodontists 

Official organization for board qualified and board certified orthodontists.


American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics 
Society promoting nutritional and alternative treatment for orthodontic patients.


American Association for Functional Orthodontics
Society specializing in functional appliances (removable braces).


American Association of Orthodontists 


American Orthodontic Society 
Society promoting orthodontics by general and pediatric dentists.


Association of Orthodontists - Singapore 
Information about orthodontics and dentistry in Singapore and Malaysia.


Australian Society of Orthodontists 
General orthodontic information and how to find an orthodontist.


British Orthodontic Society 
Information about orthodontics in the UK.


Canadian Association of Orthodontists 
Information on braces, teeth, bite, and the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.


Charles H. Tweed International Foundation 
Promotes excellence in orthodontic treatment.


College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontists 
A society dedicated to the improvement of orthodontics in education, ethics, responsibility, and competence in practice.


Egyptian Orthodontic Society 

Meeting information, educational resources in Egypt, and online journal.


Greek Orthodontic Society 
Provides bylaws, activities, a directory of the Board of Trustees and committees, a journal and links. Located in Athens, Greece.


International Association of Facial Growth Guidance 
Society devoted to BioBloc therapy.


New Zealand Association of Orthodontists 
Society for board certified orthodontists in New Zealand.


Northeastern Society of Orthodontists 
Features a directory of officers, meetings and education programs, a newsletter and a list of programs.


Ontario Association of Orthodontists 

The European Orthodontic Society 
An index of the orthodontic literature.


The Orthodontic National Group 
Specialist group for Orthodontist Dental Nurses throughout the United Kingdom.


World Federation of Orthodontists 
Annual meeting information, lists of meetings of other societies.


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