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Medical organizations and Associations- [Women's Health Organizations]


The following is a guide to Women's Health Organizations which does not reflect 100% the complete list of global Women's Health Organizations and may differ from time to time. Some references may appear later invalid or directs the reader to another location. An effort has been made and will continue to maintain the information up-to-date.

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American Medical Women's Association 
Dedicated to the care of the woman patient and to improving the personal and professional well-being of its members. 

British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health 
Facilitates research on the social determinants of health for marginalized women through grants, discussion groups, educational events, and research projects.

Centre for Research in Women's Health 
A Partnership of the University of Toronto and Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada committed to conducting and fostering research relevant to women's lives, and to promoting its application in diverse communities.

Dugald Baird Centre for Research on Women's Health 

FDA Office of Women's Health
Ensures that Federal Drug Administration functions remain gender sensitive, integrated and responsive, and forms partnerships with government and non-government entities to promote FDA's women's health objectives.


Global Alliance For Women's Health
Coalitions of international, national and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's) - Women's groups, health care professionals, religious organizations, academics and individual citizens from all of the regions of the world with the intention of improving health care services and research for women.

Healthy Balance Research Program
MCEWH and NSACSW are providing an innovative and collaborative program of research to better understand the connections between Women's health and well-being, family life and earning a livelihood. Includes publications and updates.

Jacobs Institute for Women's Health
Promotes environments where an interdisciplinary audience including health care professionals, researchers, policy makers, consumers, and advocates come together to discuss ways to improve health care for women.

Magee-Womens Research Institute
Current research at MWRI focuses not only on the traditional areas, such as female reproductive health, reproductive genetics, and sexually transmitted diseases, but it is also expanding to address the growing health concerns of postmenopausal women in such areas as cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and breast, cervical and ovarian cancers.

National Asian Women's Health Organization
Works to achieve health equity for Asian Americans through research, education, leadership development and advocacy, and to strengthen systems serving Asian Americans through partnerships and capacity building.


National Black Women's Health Project 
Health education, research, advocacy and leadership development institution promoting the empowerment of African American women as educated health care consumers and working for the improved health status of African American women.

National Center for Excellence in Women's Health
Located at the University of California San Francisco, advances the field of women's health by providing health care for women, promoting women's health research agenda, building partnerships and linkages with community groups and organizations, educating providers about the principles of women's health, and paving the way for women to hold key leadership positions in our institution.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute - Women's Health Initiative
Large, long-term preventive study focusing on the major causes of death, disability and frailty in postmenopausal women.

National Women's Health Foundation
The non-profit support foundation of the National Women's Health Organization clinics, providing birth control and abortion services, patient education, and legal initiatives against anti-abortion harassment.


NIH Office of Research on Women's Health
The focal point for women's health research at the National Institute of Health, ORWH promotes, stimulates, and supports efforts to improve the health of women through biomedical and behavioral research.

Pacific Institute for Women's Health
Improves the sexual and reproductive health and well-being of women and girls, working through advocacy, training, community involvement, applied research and evaluation.

Section on Women's Health - American Physical Therapy Association
Dedicated to the improvement of women's health worldwide through a commitment to quality physical therapy practice.

Society for Women's Health Research
Seeking to improve the health of women through research, education and advocacy.

The Jean Hailes Foundation
Women's health web site providing updates of latest research, health education and resources focusing on improving health outcomes for women throughout the life stages.


The Veerni Project   
Helps rural Indian women in Rajasthan with reproductive healthcare, education, and community empowerment.

The Women's Health Research Center
Located in Laurel Maryland, offers treatment and clinical trials for a wide range of conditions including osteoporosis, menopause,endometriosis, gynecological disorders, and various other medical conditions that affect women.

UCSF Women's Health Clinical Research Center

Center of focused research in the areas of breast health, dementia, HIV in women, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and urinary incontinence.

Women's Health Australia
Also known as The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health, a project which will explore the health of over 40,000 women over a number of years. 


Women's Health Council (Ireland) 
A statutory body set up in 1997 to advise the Minister for Health and Children on all aspects of women's health.

Women's Health Information
Information on breast care, reproduction issues, nutrition, teen health, menopause and links to other sites related to women's health. Provided by Feminist Women's Health Care, a nonprofit organization that promotes and protects a woman's right to choose and receive reproductive health care.

Women's Health Program
Located at the University of Michigan, coordinates direct care, educational and research programs in women's health.

Women's Health Statewide
Government-funded health service for the women of South Australia. Site features current projects, activities and research, recent publications, health questions and answers.

World Health Organization Women's Health


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