Drug Manufacturers In China


### Leading Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies


*- The list includes companies with research and development only (R&D)


Shijiazhuang Pharma Group


The pharma group is one of the largest pharma industries of China. In November 2004,
the group announced the official launch of its investigative drug NBP (buthlphthalide).
The group acquired patents of the drug from Chinese Academy of Medical Science for
less than $4 million, and spent only $6.3 million on clinical trials.


Harbin Pharmaceutical Group co.


Is about to become more competitive, with a planned $250 million capital infusion from
two foreign investors, Warburg Pincus of New York and Citic Capital of Hong Kong.


Sinovac Biotech Ltd.


(AMEX:SVA) has recently launched marketing of Bilive. a combined Hepatitis A&B vaccine.
This is the first combined inactivated Hepatitis A&B vaccine developed by Chinese scientists,
and the vaccine has only one directly competing combined Hepatitis A&B vaccine in the world,
 GSK ‘s Twinrix, which is not available in China and sells for a much higher price than Bilive in
 countries where it is for sale. In 2004, the company had sales about $6.5 million sales, more than
 two times 2003 sales.
Sinovac now has two vaccines fully approved for sale in China. It is currently the world leader in the development of a SARS vaccine. www.sinovac.com

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