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The following  is a  guide to drug resources sites which is listed in an organized manner to help you find any required drug. Complete up—to—date  population and accuracy of all drug resources sites can not be guaranteed and may differ from time to time. Some references may appear later invalid or directs the reader to another location. By using the links of the  third party sites, we  take no responsibility  of the content nor the accuracy.An effort has been made and will continue to maintain the information up-to-date. You may kindly refer Biomedresearches to any contacted organizations as your reference. 

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ImageAHA and ERC latest statements on CPR:
On 31.03.2008, the American Heart Association (AHA) issued a statement on the so-called ‘hands-only’ CPR, ERC on the otherhand issued a statement on that. both statements can be found at: ERC AHA

Useful Medical Information

ImageDiseases, Conditions and Tests
The RxList disease and condition listing contains explanations of many medical conditions and tests. Disease articles are written by U.S. Board Certified Physicians.
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WebMD Symptom Checker
Do you need information as you determine what to do about your symptoms? Get help figuring them out by answering a series of questions.
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ImageAmericas' best hospitals 2009-2010
Search U.S. News' annual America's Best Hospitals rankings and find out which medical centers made the cut.
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