Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Dar al Dawa 


Dar al Dawa is a publicly quoted company based in Amman, Jordan, and has around 700 employees.
The company is focused on maintaining international quality standards in all its operations, plans and activities in Jordan and abroad.
Dar Al Dawa manufactures a wide range of pharmaceutical products including antibiotics, antihyperglycemics, chemotherapeutics, cardiovascular products, dermatological products, ophthalmology/otology products, respiratory products, mouth washes, vitamin preparations and many others. Find more


Hikma Pharmaceuticals


Multinational pharmaceutical group manufacturing and marketing of a broad range of solid, liquid and injectable generic and in-licensed pharmaceutical products. Find More


Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co PLC        


JPM is one of the leading developers, manufacturers and distributors of generic pharmaceuticals in the region and has been in business for over 27 years, offering 100 prescriptions and OTC products in a wide range of formulation and dosage strengths. Find more


Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries (HPI)


Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries (HPI) was established in 1994  by a group of pharmacists with a vision to provide high quality 
pharmaceutical products to the global market. HPI has developed and registered 116 different dosage forms/pack sizes in the Jordan market representing 56 different brands (molecules) in various therapeutic areas. Find More


RAM Pharma


RAM PHARMA was registered in Sept.1992 specifically for manufacturing and marketing various pharmaceutical dosage forms, which resemble the essence of RAM as a (Reliable, Assured, Medicine) manufacturer. Find More


Middle East Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries & Medical Appliances Co.


Midpharma is sited 20 km north of Amman, about 1.5 km from the main road to the ancient city of Jerash on a 30,000 sq. meters piece of land. The plants are composed of several buildings. The total built area is approximately 12,000 sq. meters. Enough space was left for future expansion. Find More




  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. Find More

  • Arab Center for pharmaceuticals and Chemicals


  • The Arab Center for pharmaceuticals and Chemicals is a Jordanian public shareholding company which was registered on 5th of July 1983 with a declared capital amounting to 5  million shares, each with a nominal value  of 1 Jordanian Dinar. The objective of the company is to establish a pharmaceutical and medical ndustries complementing and integrating with the production of pharmaceutical manufacturers in Jordan and the arab world . The company has about two hundred and fourty five employees having enough qualifications for industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing. Find More



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