Major Search Engines  


Below is a list of the leading search engines (SE's) with brief description about them. These search engines are very helpful when searching the net for information.

Google originally started as a university project and was called  BackRub and then went out to be a private company with the name changed as Google.

It is simply the outstanding search engine in the web and one of the mostly used ones by all the net browsers. Google uses its own web crawler which searches continually and includes million of web pages and indexes them to Google database. In Google choices of search are not limited as you can search for images, discussions, news......etc. Google offers too spell checking, cashed links, street maps, telephone numbers and much more of features. Google provides users with very effective toolbar which provides many functions.

Yahoo is known to be one of the oldest web search directories, it was launched in 1994.

Aside from Google, Yahoo uses it's own search technology. It provides searches with options to seek for images, yellow pages and it provides powerful shopping search. For any site to be included in Yahoo commercial directory, a fee has to be paid as Yahoo sells paid placement advertising links that appear on its own site and which are distributed to others. The latest Yahoo crawler was purchased in 2003 from a company called Inktomi.

It is a wonderful choice as I like to call it smart search, it started to be known in 1998 where it provided users with a natural language where their search can be done by asking questions and getting it answered by the corresponding sites. It uses a crawler which in turn takes the help of Teoma search engine that it owns to provide results to user questions.

It's popularity started in 1996 as it was a quality and comprehensive search engine.

It provides easy access to the web's three major crawler-based search engines: Yahoo, Google and Teoma. It is now owned by Terra Lycos.

It is owned by Ask Jeeves, it is a crawler based search engine known for it's relevancy and refine features which offers suggested topics for the users searches.

When launched in late 1995, was the famous search engine, it is owned now by Yahoo.

AltaVista is provides results which come from Yahoo, as it offers the facility to find images, MP3/Audio, Video, human category listings and news results.

A continues effort of improvement web search engine, it deserves to have a chance.

It has an Articles tab. That provides access to content from thousands of periodicals.

It was launched in 1994 and is regarded as one of the oldest search engines in the web, it is owned by Tera Lycos.

Fast forward lets you see search results in one side of your screen and the actual pages listed in another. Relevant categories of human-compiled information from the Open Directory appear at the bottom of the search results page.

It was previously powered by LookSmart results.

Now, it provides access to Yahoo listings. MSN is developing its own crawler-based technology and planning other changes that should revitalize the service in later 2004.

The Open Directory depends on volunteer editors to categorize the web.

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