How to make the perfect search ? ? ? ? ? 


The total number of internet users around the world is increasing rapidly every year resulting in an increase of the peoples need for faster and effective way of getting what they want in a very short time. Providing that , most people have a favourite search engine.

I f you ask anyone which search engine they prefer to use to find information on the internet,  they will almost certainly reply: "Google." Practically the market research shows that people actually use four main search engines for searches they do which are: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask.com.

In general, if you type the words "life" into your search engine and hit enter, the outcome will be something overwhelming like; "Results 1 - 10 of about..."  number of six digits or even more".

This illustrates one of the fundamental issues of the web and modern computing - how to find things quickly and easily. The revolution of search engines will for sure play an important role in present war to attract users which will cause more and more methods of making the search effective, easer and interactive where access to search is an access to immediate information, again another battle will take place to make the searched results more current, accurate and quality.

Now, let us ask ourselves the question how we can make the perfect search?, and how we can get the best answer in the shortest shoot?.

Let me tell you, the answer to that is derived from my personal research and experience,

You should always have a piece of paper where you will note down your requirement exactly ( knowing what you want is essential), then define the area or region( if required), be specific and use the words commonly used in your search area. For example, if you want to have some information about Sigmoidoscopy, you should not write in your search engine the word and hit then enter, you should define what do you want to know exactly about Sigmoidoscopy; is it the procedure, medication, risks, medical centres, complications or physicians.

Ok, let us say it is about Sigmoidoscopy medications, then you have to specify what type of medication or is it for paediatric or adults, male or female,,, whatever, the important is to be very exact about your search requirements.

The second thing is to choose the proper search engine, where most of people as far as I know will use Google or any of the above mentioned search engines. if I am in your place I would not do that, why, I can tell you that Google is ok but still I can not ensure that all of the information it displays are reliable and trustworthy, then what is the best?....

The proper choice should go then for specialized medical search engines, places where they guide for all the information in the recognized sites, such as Web Md, Med Bio World, Health finder, HON Medhunt, etc.

I am sure if you go to any of these or other not mentioned above and searched for adult male Sigmoidoscopy medications you will get what you want to know in a matter of 5 minutes at maximum.

If you want to buy a used car where you should look for it?, will you go for scab yards, new car agencies, car showrooms, newspapers and magazines or you will search in the net.

I'm sure in all of that there are cars, but will they meet your needs?, that is the question!. Information is widely now available on the net but can you trust it if it is from unknown sources?. Bear it in your mind and take it as an advice, if you have free time find  yourself the trusted information, encyclopaedia and search engines sites on speciality basis so that whenever you need any information from the net you will not start searching randomly.

{ Let it be like this }

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Medical sites with specialized search engines : HON Medhunt, Health finder, Web MD, Omini medical search, Medical world search, Medscape, Health line, Med Bio World, Pub Med....................View Biomedresearches Web Direcory.

Trusted Medical Informative sites: Food and Drug Association FDA, American Heart Association AHA, Ovid, ProQuest, World health organization, National institute of health, National Library of Medicine...........View all list of 100 reliable medical resources.

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