About the publisher.

Biomedresearches (bmr’S), also referred to as "Middle east medical information center and directory" is a self-funded web site designed, managed, published, and powered by Eng. Emad A. Al Alem, who is a Biomedical application, service, and sales specialist.......TV analyst, author, columnist, and having special interest in the medical and health publishing, neurophysiology, medical regulatory and compliance. He is not representing any medical society or organization, nor a government entity, private establishments or NGO's. The publisher states clearly that he is not a medical professional (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist…) and all the medical information contained in "Biomedresearches" are either written by the publisher or linked to their respective authors if applicable, which can be viewed and found in the reference sites page of the web site.
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About the Site.

Biomedresearches (bmr'S) is an informative site aimed and purposed to be a reference for every individual and organization operating in the health field, as well as, for every person interested in the health and medical knowledge. It is a very specialized place where you can find all your requirements and information in specific and general health and medical topics.
Biomedresearches was established in 2006, and since then, it has gone through many stages of re-designing, and constantly content review to conform to the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and credibility. It will always continue to bear the responsibility to provide the latest helpful medical and health information free of charge for the sake of spreading the knowledge and promoting health and medical awareness. The information contained in the site are either written by the publisher or were obtained from trusted resources.

Vision and Mission.

Vision: From the importance of health and medical information providence, patient care, implemented health systems, usage of medical equipments; came the idea of providing a complete reference for every organization and individual working, as well as interested in the medical practice and healthcare. Serving the community and helping others are two main goals I wish to fulfil in this mission.
Mission: I have a goal of creating a meaningful and informative content, and a dream to come true of establishing a medical based reference library; a place and a space where the information seeker can find everything from A to Z without being lost, confused, disturbed and scattered between thousands and thousands of search engine results. We look, and will always work for "Biomedresearches" to be a place where you can teach yourself, and find your topics of interest.

Everyone has a responsibility that must be undertaken voluntarily without personal aspirations and gains, towards his community in particular and the world in general, and this is what I aspire and work to do through this site, which I strive hard to finance despite the limited capabilities required to maintain Biomedresearches to exhibit the highest standards of safety, credibility and accuracy of content, which In turn, requires multiple resources and continuous dedication.
Nevertheless, I assure you that I will achieve the endeavor, and will be up to the responsibility.

Biomedresearches Founder and Publisher
Emad El Alem

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