Eng. Emad El Alem, is the founder and publisher of Biomedresearches "Middle east medical information center and directory". He is a Biomedical service, sales and application specialist, TV analyst, author and columnist of more than 400+ published articles, and having special interest in the medical, health information publishing and writing, neurophysiology, medical regulatory and compliance.
Authored three books (historical, literature and scientific), which can be found on Amazon and various online bookstores.
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Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical Regulations and standards: Who Does it, and for what purpose?

Health, Medical and Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers compete the banking and technology sector giant’s in terms of income and profits. They contribute to the economy of their countries through tax revenue and employment, and give them a world leadership to pioneer and impose their health policies and standards.

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How to Evaluate a Medical Website for credibility professionalism, and instantaneity?

The Risks of Misleading Health Information can lead to the greatest risk of suffering repercussions due to trusting unreliable sources.

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Medical Open-Source Software or Proprietary Software - Cons and Pros - What Is Best for healthcare?

Open-source free medical software evolved in the market a few years ago, and started to break the strong monopoly of the traditional “closed-source “software developers best known as proprietary competitors.

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Trusted Medical Reference Websites for Healthcare Professionals.

You are a doctor or healthcare professional, and tired of searching the net or googling every time you look for medical information, or to investigate new procedures!.

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Top Health and Medical News websites

Are you tired of surfing the internet every time you want to know the latest and breaking Health and Medical news? So Do Everybody!
Don’t bother, we have favorited it for you, so you will not be confused nor scattered between hundreds of Health news providers on the Internet.

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