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Digitizing the Healthcare
Structure and Environment

Paperless; Distance less; Mechanized.

Digitization of health technology in the widest meaning mechanizes and facilitates the health care services to be organized, produced and delivered in an efficient, cost effective and smooth flow, to reflect positively on the quality of the medical services provided. It includes and not limited to: use of software and application to construct Healthcare and Medical Departments Management Systems such as: Electronic Health Records (HER); Data Managements System (DMS); Health Information System (HIS); Lab Information Management System (LIMS); Radiology Information System (RIS); Logistics Management Information System (LMIS), etc. to home monitoring of patients, electronic medical devices, and the application of computer aided visualization and decision support systems and more. Browse Software "OSS" List.

Statistical Platforms
and Applications

Statistics in the Health and Medical Field.

H. G. Wells said: “Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read or write.”
Medical statistics is the science of summarizing, collecting, presenting and interpreting data in medical practice. It allows the study of human health, disease and epidemiological events. It helps to build up the outcome of a scientific study from the declaration of a hypothesis to reporting the results.
Medical statistics has a wide range of applications such as human health, clinical medicine, clinical research, labs research, healthcare systems, epidemiology, health and medical science, forensic medicine, etc.
Statistical study can be experimental or observational. Browse Software "OSS" List.


Disease Management Programs (DMPs).

Disease management is important for enhancing the treatment of individuals suffering from and at risk of chronic conditions and diseases by treating them more quickly and effectively, with a reduction of associated costs from avoidable complications. The Disease management applications and software establish a follow up criteria and algorithm to slow down the progress of diseases and chronic conditions.
It adds to healthcare quality, and ensures adherence to guidelines, standards, protocols and regulations. ❝❝ Disease management programs (DMPs) are structured treatment plans helps people better manage their chronic disease and to maintain and improve quality of life. DMPs are also run with the general goal of improving medical treatment in the long term. They are also called structured treatment programs. [Source] ❞❞ Browse Software "OSS" List.


Medical Imaging Software.

Medical Imaging software and program basically helps to view, analyze, study, track, archive, manipulate, and manage patient images and administrative workflow. It is used for clinical analysis, research and medical interventions, and through which the interior body is imaged to allow visual representation of any body organ, which is usually not seen or hided by the skin or the bones. since medical imaging software evolved, the medical practitioners, academic institutes and researchers were able to build up a comprehensive images database of human anatomy and physiology (This combines both for normal and abnormal conditions, organs and tissues).
Browse Software "OSS" List.


Medical Research Software.

Research is a constant and continuous approach undertaken by universities, research centers, and companies working in the medical field in its various specializations and branches, and to carry out their work to the fullest, they all need medical programs that enable them to organize, mechanize, archive and share the work.
Not all the Medical Research Software is approved for clinical use by the main regulatory authorities in the world such as FDA. therefore, mostly is used for educational, sharing and to train medical personnel. Browse Software "OSS" List.


Various Multi-Purpose Medical Software.

For the software that are not previously categorized, here we have compiled a list of several multi-purpose ones that are useful for use in the medical and health field, such as software for: Encryption and Sharing; Microscopy data; Nutritional tracker and Data Analysis of Ingredients and Recipes; Scientific Calculator; Chemical Structure Drawing; Disaster Management & Humanitarian Solution. Browse Software "OSS" List.


Health and Medical Tools

A guide and directory for useful health and medical tools.

Here, we compiled an online different purpose serving health and medical tools from reliable and trusted websites, who provide them free of charge for the public.

  • Symptom Checker
  • Screening Tests and Vaccines
  • Heath and Medical Calculators
  • Drug Checkers and Identifiers
  • Apps for Your Overall Health
  • Recipes, Nutrition and Resources
  • Physical Activity, Workout and fitness
  • Mental Health Screening Tools
And much more...Browse the full list

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