What is Biomedresearches?
Biomedresearches also known as “Middle East Medical Information Centre and directory” is an informative site aimed and purposed to be a reference for every individual and organization operating in the health field, as well as, for every person interested in the health and medical knowledge. It is a very specialized place where you can find all your requirements and information in specific and general health and medical topics.
Who is the publisher of Biomedresearches, how it is funded,
and to whom he is affiliated??
Biomedresearches "Middle east medical information centre and directory" is a self-funded web site designed, managed, published, and powered by Eng. Emad El Alem, who is a Biomedical service, sales and application specialist.......TV analyst, author and columnist, and having special interest in the medical and health publishing, neurophysiology, medical regulatory and compliance. He is not representing any medical society and organization nor a government entity, private establishments or NGO's..
Where can I find information on Biomedresearches?
The navigation bar at the top of the Biomedresearches web site has a “Directory” and links that leads to different subjects and information we provide. Also, our home page is designed in a manner to administer easy and quick access to the topics we cover.
Is Biomedresearches a free web site, and does it require sign in?
All contents of Biomedresearches are non-profit intended in nature, and are aimed to provide free medical and health information to the internet surfers and information seekers, and it does not rquire registration or sign in.

This is our way to save your time, and in the other hand, to assure you that we do not gather visitor information.
How can I request information from Biomedresearches?
In fact, what you see is what you get, unless you are looking for an on-demand services. In this case, it is better to browse our services page to explore what we can do for you.
I am looking for information about Neurophysiology
Epilepsy, EEG Test. Where do I look?
Information on Epilepsy as well as Neurophysiology, EEG Test, Nervous System, Nervous System Structure, Brain, Electrical Activity, Seizures, Prevalence and Incidence, Common epilepsy causes, Types of Seizures, Types of Epilepsy, Treatment and Care, First Aid for Seizures, Epilepsy and Driving, Epilepsy and Pregnancy, Living and Managing with Epilepsy, Epilepsy Diagnosis on the Clinical Practice is available on the Epilepsy awareness program page.
How do I contact you to inquire, report and complain?
For correction or addition, you want to report a broken link or remove a link. If you have an inquiry or complain, Please contact us through email. Then, we will study it and reply to you accordingly.
Can I link to Biomedresearches web site from my web site?
Potentially, any external web site may add a hyperlink to the Biomedresearches web site without requesting permission. However, this use must not infringe Biomedresearches intellectual property rights, in particular relating to its name, emblem, copyright or authors' rights.
How to advertise in Biomedresearches?
Contact the publisher directly for advertisement requests, but kindly note that, we will study your request first to conform if the advertisement meets our policies and standards, and then will reply to you accordingly.
Still, Do you have something in your mind and our FAQS didn’t clarify it?
Our about, services and disclaimer pages might have the answer to you. But if not, then In this case, Please feel free to contacts us through the options available in the contact page.