Free Medical Software and Solutions

A guide to a selected Free and Open-Source Medical Software and Solutions.

Open source vs Close source – What is the Difference? - NextGen Medical Software:

Open source free medical software (OSS-FOSS) evolved in the market a few years ago, and started to break the strong monopoly of the traditional closed-source software (proprietary competitors).
Though, it is still rare compared to the commercially one’s, and despite the obvious benefits, there is still a long way to go, as the market is not yet ready to switch to producing open-source products voluntarily, because it will lose money by doing so. Therefore, a seize fire should be there for the time being between the monster and the hero, and let each one of them does the best to achieve the goals, as the result by all means will be for the benefit of patients and medical service seekers at the end!
We will take further about medical close source software and the free open one’s in a detailed article, which you can view ☛ here.
But now, let us take you to a selected list "OF ONLY" free and open-source health and medical software, with no conditions, licensing and limitations, which many impose - (though, they claim that, they are open-source solutions!) - covering the essential and important sections of the medical field.
In the below list, we categorized them according to their use, and then particularized few for more details with similar software or alternatives. The list itself is not numerous, as our purpose is not the quantity, but rather the quality and benefit.

Worth a try,

With our emphasize, you should: Determine which functionalities are important to you; review first the software developers documentation; tutorials; license; view product demos, screenshots; check out user ratings and read what they like best and least about each system, and then, the benefit and use remains subject to your evaluation.

Please note that, all images, trademarks referred to, and software are the property of their respective owners.


Open Source Electronic Medical Records Software | EMR


Open-source Free Management System Community Supported | CRM/ERP/SCM

Epi Info™

Statistical Software Package for Epidemiology | Statistical

Breathing Games

Health Commons Promoting Respiratory Health | Disease-management


Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Data Software | Disease-management


Statistical Software package for Epidemiology | Statistical


Graphical Interface for Medical Image Analysis and Simulation | Imaging


Open-source, Lightweight DICOM Server for Medical Imaging | Imaging


Hospital Information System and Electronic Health Record | HIS/EHR


Analysis of Brain Recordings and Multiunit Electrophysiology. | Research


Electronic Logistics Management Information System | LMIS


Web-based Cancer Data Management System | DMS


Tool for digital self-defense and protection of cloud data | Miscellaneous


Open source 3D Medical Imaging Reconstruction Program | Imaging


Libre laboratory Information Management System | LIMS


Nutritional tracker and Data Analysis of Ingredients and Recipes | Miscellaneous


Scientific Calculator featuring keyboard-driven user interface | Miscellaneous

Phoenix CTMS

Open-source Clinical Trial Management System. | Research


Open-source Chemical Structure Drawing Software | Miscellaneous


Open source Disaster Management & Humanitarian Solution | Miscellaneous


Open source Cross- Platform Network File Transfer Application | Miscellaneous