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Through Biomedresearches, and over the past years, we have received many requests from medical, pharmaceutical companies and service providers to perform special on-demand tasks, but unfortunately, we had to deny them due to lacking the appropriate capabilities and the specialized team, who will dedicate their time and efforts to fulfil them. From here came the idea of providing on-demand service, which became possible after signing strategic agreements with health and medical consultants who have long term expertise in the field.
Kindly note that, the “on-demand service” by all means will not affect nor limit our mission in Biomedresearches to provide free of charge trustworthy information to everybody, including and not limited to, individuals, healthcare providers, non profit organizations, and the public.
On-Demand Service is provided to those who want a full time dedication for a sophisticated and specialized tasks.

Why choose Us?

Why "Service" if Biomedresearches is a non-profit web site and directory?

That’s explainable…..Here it is

All contents of Biomedresearches are non-profit intended in nature and are aimed to provide free medical and health information to the internet surfers and information seekers.
But "Service"is a special section for those who want a specialized dedicated tasks which we will detail Next

Why choose Us?


What we Do?.

There are solutions on-demand basis, which we provide and implement in return for the health sector, as well as for medical equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. Which is accomplished in cooperation with highly skilled healthcare proffesionals and agencies who have long term expertise in the field.

Why choose Us?

Services We Can take care of.

You have a challenge; we have a solution for it.

› Our consultants are science savvy and leading experts in their field of knowledge. They are always ready for the challenge. We strongly believe in delivering innovative out of the box solutions to surpass expectations and deliver practical easy one's that address your needs.
› Having read this, "Next" is in depth.


Biomedresearches (bmr’S), also referred to as "Middle east medical information center and directory" signed a strategic agreement for exclusive joint cooperation with “THE-AAD Ltd”, a Canadian based consultation company, having a network of professionals spent more than 20 years in the Medical, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical companies, as well as, Healthcare Media and Medical Affairs. The joint cooperation between Biomedresearches and THE-AAD Ltd dedicate its time, skills and competency to grow and learn from every experience. We act collaboratively and leverage our creativity, passion, science and ethics to support your business and surpass expectations. We both serve you to do more. We help you to excel and exceed business goals to your satisfaction levels at an all-time high.


  • Strategic and Tactical Medical Platforms
  • Value Adding Programs
  • Review Articles
  • Therapy Facts and Comparisons
  • Scientific Handling of Competitors' Claim
  • Call Center Outsourcing
  • Disease Awareness Campaigns
  • Patients' Educational Materials
  • Health Outreach Educational Campaigns
  • Physician's Educational Materials
  • Continuous Professional Development Courses
  • Pharmacoeconomics, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Medical Affairs Training
  • Fresh Start Training
  • Corporate Audit Preparation
  • Legal Compliance
  • Health Care Media Campaigns
  • Comparison of Brands and Generics
  • Health, Medical and Scientific Symposium and Conference
  • Designing and Preparing Health, Pharmaceutical and Medical Bulletins
  • Providing regulatory documents and medical communications to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries
  • Medical Writing

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