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Phoenix CTMS is a modern web application combining capabilities of database software used in clinical research in one modular system. It combines three systems in one software solution:
• PRS (Patient Recruitment System).
• CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System).
• CDMS (Clinical Data Management System) – EDC (Electronic Data Capture) Package.

Phoenix CTMS could be the perfect choice for:
• encrypted subject registry for PII (personally identifyable information), to complement your existing CDMS.
• A solution to comply with upcoming EU-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
• Operation of a secure online signup portal for subject candidates.
• CDMS that gives you unlimited Javascript form scripting support (server- and browserside).
• Large eCRFs (electronic case report forms), and more functions.

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Screenshots of Phoenix CTMS:

Source of pictures: Phoenix CTMS official website